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The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 replaces previous registration requirements for scrap metal dealers and motor salvage operators from 1 October 2013.

After that date, applications must be made for site licences under the new legislation.

Background - Site Licence

Site Licence

A site licence authorises the licensee to carry on business at a site or sites within a given local authority’s geographical area. You can apply to licence multiple sites, but you cannot hold a site licence and collector’s licence for the same local authority area.

A "site" is any place occupied for the purposes of the scrap metal dealer's business; a site licence holder may collect scrap metal, but only by prior arrangement.

A site is defined in section 22 of the Act as:

"any premises used in the course of carrying on business as a scrap metal dealer (whether or not metal is kept there)".

Due to the wording of the definition this means that someone who trades in scrap metal and is thus defined as a dealer under section 21(2) will need a site licence for their office even if they do not operate a scrap metal store or yard.

If a site licence holder uses self-employed mobile collectors to collect scrap metal which will be processed by the site, each collector would need a mobile collector’s licence.

Please note that if the applicant operates multiple sites within a given local authority’s geographical area, provision should be made for more than one site manager.

Application Process

1. Applicants are able to complete applications quickly and easily online, relevant to your licensing needs i.e. sole trader, partnership or limited company.

2. The application form allows for the provision of details to be included such as relevant offences, as required within the new act.

3. YourEnvironment will review your application and ascertain if any further information is required in order to be able to grant your application.

4. YourEnvironment, will on your behalf, submit a Basic Disclosure Certificate for all persons listed on the application.

5. Payment is made online for a fixed fee of £899.99 for a site licence fee.

During the application process Tacit Consent does not apply, as it is in the public interest that consultation with relevant authorities is undertaken, before the licence is granted.

If you require more information please call YourEnvironment on 01243 787150.